Doctor performs abortion on wrong woman

The mother was unaware until it was too late
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A doctor and nurse are under investigation after an abortion was performed on the wrong woman.

The mix-up occurred in South Korea after medical staff failed to check the patient’s identity.

The woman, who was six-weeks pregnant at the time, was expecting to receive a nutritional shot at the hospital in Seoul.

But when the hospital records were mixed up, the woman was instead administered anaesthesia before the termination was carried out.

The woman returned to the following day complaining of bloody discharge when it was discovered her baby had been aborted.

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It’s understood that the staff involved are currently under investigation on suspicion of negligence resulting in injury.

In South Korea it is illegal for women to have an abortion, however, the laws are set to change by the end of next year.

The news follows intense debates on whether abortion should be decriminalised in New South Wales.

Currently, the procedure is considered a crime in NSW unless a doctor believes a woman’s physical and or/mental health is in serious danger.

Women, doctors and anyone else who assists in an unlawful abortion in NSW may face up to 10 year’s imprisonment.

According to a report published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, it’s estimated that half of all pregnancies in Australia are unplanned and that half of those are terminated. 

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