Super cute labrador tries to win over potential adopters by smiling at them

This is just adorable!
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An adorable dog has been captured smiling at visitors who come to the shelter he lives at – in a bid to get them adopt him.

When he was eight-weeks-old, Burreaux was taken to the Humane Society shelter in Northwest Louisiana by the shelter’s director, Courtney Wingate.

Check out little Burrauex in action in this adorable video:

She had stumbled across Burreaux and two other pups – Joe and O – at an animal control kennel and decided to help them.

Burreaux – a black Labrador – was so sick that he was rushed to animal hospital for treatment.

After making a full recovery, the cute canine returned to the shelter to discover his mate Joe had already been adopted.

So, desperate for his own forever home, Burreaux started grinning at any potential adopters who came by.

Volunteer Sarah Walton told The Dodo, ‘It’s whenever you’re talking real sweet to him … he gets this smile like he wants something.

‘It’s like he’s telling you, “Come pet me, come love me.”’

Burreaux smiles to potential adopters
(Credit: Facebook)

The shelter decided to help Burreaux out by posting a video of the pooch and his beautiful beam.

Walton explained, ‘We were thinking “Burreaux wants a home so bad that he’s always smiling, trying to cute it up.”’

‘So we took that video and now it’s going viral.’

Hundreds of thousands people viewed and liked the sweet video of Burreaux.

Even better, within seven days of posting, the pup was adopted by a young local couple.

Now Burreaux is settling in with his new family!  

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