Couple married for 68 years die just 33 hours apart from each other

So emotional

A husband and wife died just 33 hours apart from each other – after spending 68 years married.

Six months ago, Bob Johnson, 88, was admitted to hospital after falling ill with cancer in St Peter, Minnesota.

Shortly after, Bob’s wife, Corrine, 87, was admitted to the same hospital with congestive heart failure.

Sadly, Corrine died first last week, with Bob passing away after.

Days before her death, she whispered to Bob, ‘I love you.’

Speaking to KARE11, the couple’s daughter Beth Johnson said, ‘When mom passed they pulled the curtain between the two beds, the just stared at the curtain.’

Bob and Corrine’s son, Bruce Johnson, who is also a cancer doctor, said, ‘I sort of thought he looked like he could go for weeks. As soon as mom died he went downhill and died in a day.

Bob and Corrine Johnson
Bob and Corrine on their wedding day (Credit: KARE11)

‘It’s hard to imagine it’s a coincidence.’

The couple raised their family of seven kids on a dairy farm, living there independently until both falling sick earlier this year.

Their kids say Bon was a gentleman who would always wait and let others go first – so they’re convinced he did the same with his wife’s death.

Son Brent Johnson said, ‘It was only fitting that in the end he waited for mother to go first and then he passed away.

Bob and Corrine
The couple died just 33 hours apart (Credit: KARE11)

‘They went on their terms.’

Lora Dennis, another daughter of the pair, explained how although they were all deeply sad over their deaths, it was a comfort to know neither had to go long without the other.

She said, ‘Their plan was to not have us worry about that. I think we all know that they’re in a better place.’

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