Couple found $2.6 million while de-cluttering their house


With family coming to stay, Tina and Harold Ehrenberg were busy tidying up their home.

While sorting through some papers Tina came across some unchecked lottery tickets.

She jumped online to look up the winning numbers for the draw and was shocked to discover they had the winning ticket.

‘We kept checking the numbers again and again,’ Harold told Louisiana Lottery.

Tina then called the winning numbers hotline to be certain there hadn’t been a mistake.

There hadn’t – Tina and Harold were the winners of $US1.8 million ($2.6 million)!

Harold and Tina with their win.

Thankfully, they realised their win when they did.

With 180 days to claim the prize, they made it with just two weeks to spare.

Tina and Harold decided to avoid extravagance and top up their retirement fund.

‘The most fun is going to be depositing that cheque,’ Harold said.

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