Police fine Aussie couple over $3,000 as they were reported for ‘non-essential’ travelling after posting year-old holiday photos

The fines have now been revoked

An Australian couple received a police fine after posting old holiday photos on Facebook during the current COVID-19 lockdown. 

Jazz and Garry Mott shared photos earlier this month of their vacation to Lakes Entrance, Victoria, that they went on last year. 

The couple, who live in Traralgon, Victoria, were stunned when police knocked at their door days after the social media post and handed them fines worth over $3,000.  

Speaking to the Daily MailMs Mott said, ‘I was actually stunned when she handed me the fine.’ 

After speaking with Garry, she realised they must have been handed the breach due to the Facebook  post. 

Ms Mott explained how she shared the photos after discovering them on a hard drive. 

Fortunately, they were told the fine will not stand. 

‘I got a phone call from a Senior Sergeant at Traralgon police and he told me the fines had been revoked,’ Ms Mott said. 

She added, ‘Then he basically told me not to post any more photos while the lockdown is in place.’ 

7News spoke to a Victoria Police spokesperson who said officers are not monitoring social media accounts to identify coronavirus offences. 

But that they are investigating ‘the circumstances surrounding individual potential breaches reported by the public.’ 


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