Couple left disgusted at oozing ‘green’ chicken bought from Coles

They had to chuck away the chook

One couple were left disgusted when they discovered their Coles-bought chicken was green inside.

The Prendergasts had purchased a whole chook from Coles Eastlands in Rosny, Tasmania, on Sunday night.

But when they cut the $8.62 chicken into four parts, they were shocked to see part of the flesh was green.

After roasting the chicken for two hours, they were looking forward to tucking into the delicious-smelling meat. But the couple were soon forced to change their dinner plans.

Mr Prendergast explained to Yahoo News Australia, ‘It smelled quite good actually, I was looking forward to it. The only reason we noticed the green was because we were feeding four people so we cut into it instead of pulling some off.’

Mrs Prendergast was the first to discover the strange coloured meat.

Green chicken from Coles
The chicken was green inside

‘She told me to come and look. She and I were shocked and p***ed as we were looking forward to it for dinner. As you can imagine after cooking for two hours, you could smell it,’ he said.

They also noticed that the side of the plate was covered in what looked like to be green oil.

Deciding to chuck the chicken, they couple drove to a local chicken shop to replace the discarded meat.

Green oil coming from Coles chicken
Green oil was also spotted

Mr Prendergast said there was no way of telling if the chicken was a problem from its exterior.

He added, ‘I’m not sure how it can be prevented. It had no strange marks or smell, and it wasn’t slimy. There was nothing that would indicate there was something wrong.’

A spokesperson for Coles said that the green flesh wouldn’t have been harmful if consumed, but that it shouldn’t have been available for sale.

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