Cancer faker teacher who scammed $35,000 to buy new clothes avoided jail

She even duped her family

When Keera Brayford, 25, broke the news to family and friends that she had cancer they were all devastated.

The school teacher revealed skin cancer had developed into three tumours that were growing rapidly and chemotherapy wasn’t slowing them down.

Keera claimed her doctors told her that trying alternative therapies was the only shot at saving her life but lack of funds was standing in her way.

The community rallied and soon Keera was receiving donations to help keep her alive.

Supporters dug deep (Credit: JustGiving)

A fundraising page was started on the website JustGiving, painting a picture of a generous and self-less young woman who always puts others first despite not only battle cancer but also diabetes, heart disease and both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

She never asks for anything in return or any help, the website said.

But what no-one realised was Keera was lying about everything.

She didn’t have cancer and the more than $35,000 raised was being spent on clothes and other luxuries.

After several months, suspicion surrounding the legitimacy of Keera’s medical documents led detectives to her front door.

Keera said she needed treatment (Credit: JustGiving)

Charged with fraud by representation, she pleaded guilty.

Keera confessed that she’d fabricated the entire story, even duping her own parents into thinking they might lose their daughter.

During Keera’s hearing Recorder Kate Cornell said, ‘Generous people, genuinely believed in your plight. People were misled in the cruellest way.’

Even though she’d hoodwinked her too, Keera’s mum supported her in court.

The cancer faker was handed a two-year suspended sentence with a curfew and a 12-month electronic tag and ordered to pay back some of the money.

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