Bride-to-be is attacked online for wanting ‘hay urinal’ at upcoming wedding

Many described it as 'unhygenic'

A bride has received heaps of criticism after revealing she’s planning a ‘hay urinal’ at her upcoming wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous woman shared a photo, writing, ‘Hi, I am hoping to create a “hay urinal” for my wedding in a few weeks.

‘Hence I am chasing one round of hay of roughly the size in the picture. Obviously type of hay and quality aren’t important just looking for something cheap…Thanks!’

Many were quick to slam the bride’s bathroom idea, describing it as ‘unsanitary’ and ‘gross.’

One person wrote, ‘You could probably smell that thing from a distance too, like during the first dance at the reception.’

Another pointed out, ‘What will they do with it after the wedding? Just leave it in place to smell all summer long? I can’t imagine how they would move it without making a disgusting mess.’

Someone else simply said, ‘That’s gonna smell like death by the end of the night.’

While most people viewed the idea as pretty unhygienic, one person did say, ‘To be fair if the options are that or a portaloo I’d go hay.’

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