Guest outraged as bride asks her not to attend wedding because recent stillbirth will ‘take the attention off her’

She told her friend 'I thought you'd be over what happened by now'

A wedding guest, who suffered a devastating miscarriage, was left shocked when the bride asked her not to attend the ceremony as she might ‘take the attention’ away from her.

The discussion between the friends took place on Facebook and the guest – who is from Brisbane – took to social media to share the shocking conversation.

The guest shared it to a wedding shaming group and said, ‘This dumpster fire of a bride is getting married in early February and I would’ve been heavily pregnant as I was due at the end of February. But my daughter was stillborn in October.’

The chat started when the bride asked her friend if she was still coming to the wedding.

In the message she says, ‘I think maybe you shouldn’t. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I thought you’d be over what happened by now.

Conversation between bride and guest

‘But you cried today just because some lady had a baby and it’s just a bit dramatic and lots of people don’t know yet because apparently you aren’t ready to tell people.’

The bride-to-be believed if her mate wasn’t prepared to tell people about the miscarriage, then she shouldn’t attend the wedding.

She continued, ‘I’m trying to be as nice about this as I can but everyone will be asking why you aren’t pregnant and I don’t want them to be distracted from making me feel special.

Conversation between bride and guest
Conversation screenshot

‘What happened sucks but I thought you’d had long enough to get over it so it wouldn’t be a problem.’

Clearly shocked by the conversation the friend started by saying, ‘Okay I need a minute to process what the f*** you just said to me.’

She then said, ‘So let me get this straight. You don’t want me as your wedding because the fact that my baby f*****g died might ruin YOUR day.’

The bride argued, ‘I just want to be the most important person on the day and if people see you’re not pregnant they will ask.

‘And then it will take the attention off of me.’

Conversation between bride and guest

Outraged, the guest replied, ‘You know what… you enjoy your wedding without me. I hope our friendship is worth all the attention you so desperately need you giant trash pile of a human.’

The bride then called her ‘selfish’ and shockingly, even said, ‘It’s been two months now, how much time do you really need? It’s not like you knew her.’

Conversation between bride and guest

Members of the wedding shaming group were angry at the bride’s behaviour.

One wrote, ‘Wow! Grieving is a process, different for everyone. What a colossal b****. Better off without that negativity in your life.’

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