Bar’s controversial beer promotion described as ‘disgusting’

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A bar has been heavily criticized for its ‘disgusting’ drinks promotion that made light of the current coronavirus crisis.

House on the Hood, a bar based in Hamilton, New Zealand, share a post on their Facebook, plugging their $6.50 bottles of Corona beer.

It read, ‘Virus or no virus, we still think Coronas are pretty great, so while the pandemic lasts, we’re selling Coronas for just $6.50 all day, every day.’

Along with the post, a photo of two men dressed in full quarantine suits can be seen holding beers, while the phrase ‘catch some Corona at House this summer’ was placed across the image.

The next day, the bar shared another post, this time of a Corona bottle with a face mask attached to it and the words, ‘Let’s be honest, there are worse things you can catch in Hamilton.’

People were outraged at the insensitive post, one person wrote, ‘Disgusting advert. Find something less deadly to joke about.’

Coronavirus / Corona promo post
(Credit: Facebook)

Another said, ‘Right okay, it’s “so funny” that innocent people in China are dying. And I bet if it were in European country y’all probably wouldn’t be so eager to make light of this situation. Terrible. Seems kinda racist to me.’

Others found the post funny, one wrote, ‘This is hilarious…all the offended people obviously need a beer.’

Someone else said, ‘Love the humour guys; stuff the PC.’

The establishment removed the first post, but the second one remains up.

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