Most popular baby names of last year revealed

Will your little on stand out from the kindergarten crowd?
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Charlottes and Olivers will be in good company in the school playground in the next few years – as the names top the list of most popular monikers in NSW in 2019.

The NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages this week revealed Oliver had held the top boys’ spot for the sixth consecutive year.

Trailing in second and third were Noah and William.

Meanwhile, Charlotte continued its reign as most popular girls’ names – having taken the title now for three years.

Next up was Olivia, followed by Mia.

There were 568 new Olivers in the state last year, and 449 new Charlottes.

For middle names, James, John and William topped the male list while Rose and Grace earned top spots for female names.


Top 10 List in Full

1. Charlotte / Oliver

2. Olivia / Noah

3. Mia / William

4. Amelia / Jack

5. Isla / Leo

6. Ava / Lucas

7. Chloe / Henry

8. Grace / Thomas

9. Sophia / James

10. Ella / Ethan

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