Aussies slam Tom Hanks for his huge use of Vegetime

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Tom Hanks has caused outrage across Australia, all because of the way he chose to eat his Vegemite.

The Hollywood actor has been self-isolating on the Gold Coast since testing positive for Coronavirus last week.

Taking to Instagram, the Forest Gump star shared a snap of his chosen meal – a classic Aussie combo of Vegemite on toast.

As well as his savory snack, Hanks included a tube of the staple Australian spread and a kangaroo toy clutching our national flag.  

But fans were quick to criticize the huge amount of Vegemite that Hanks had used.

One person quipped, ‘Corona won’t kill you but that amount of Vegemite will.’

Another wrote, ‘That amount of Vegemite would put anyone in hospital. I developed a yeast infection just looking at this picture. (Also, best wishes for a speedy recovery.)’

Someone else commented, ‘Whoa. A Vegemite amateur. That ratio is all wrong and us Aussies will be affronted by this image. Butter 4: Vegemite 1. Give it another go, you’ll love it!’

Responding to the judgement, in a second post, Hanks told his followers that he has ‘learned not to spread my Vegemite so thick.’

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