Aussie zookeeper goes viral with hilarious livestream dance

So much sass!

A Melbourne zookeeper has become an internet sensation after live streaming dance routines from the giraffe enclosure. 

Determined to cheer people up in this particularly tough time, Adam Porter decided to put on an incredible one-man show. 

In the video, Adam can be seen looking at the camera and checking around for onlookers, before pulling out a rainbow fan. He then breaks into a sassy, sashaying routine that even Beyoncé would be proud of.  

Incredibly, visitors can be seen admiring the giraffes in the background, completely oblivious to what’s going on behind the locked gates. 

A Reddit user decided to share the hilarious moment and it soon went viral. 

Along with the footage, they wrote, ‘Absolute legend on Melbourne Zoo live-stream.’ 

Responding to the video, one person typed, ‘This man has my vote for Prime Minister.’ 

Another commented, ‘There’s been so much bad news of late, this made me smile and I needed it so bad.’ 

A spokesperson for Melbourne Zoo told the Herald Sun, ‘Adam is a star. I’ve been fielding more than 250 calls, some from CNN to the BBC.’ 

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