Angry shopper COUGHS at cancer patient in supermarket

So shocking

A woman – who has cancer – has shared the shocking moment a fellow customer coughed on her at a supermarket. 

Heather Sprague, who has a brain tumour, took to Facebook to share the incident that took place in a Florida supermarket. 

She claimed that the shopper had become irate and started yelling at workers as she was unable to return an item she didn’t have with her. 

Heather wrote, ‘Yesterday, I learned firsthand the power of conscientious bystanders. It took 30 seconds to end 15 minutes of aggressive harassment. 

‘I’m a mother of ten, and currently a brain tumour patient at Mayo Clinic. Obviously, I don’t get out much right now.’ 

In the post, which has gone viral, Heather describes the woman as a ‘Karen’ adding she was ‘becoming increasingly belligerent.’ 

Heather explained, ‘She was screaming at, swearing, insulting, and threatening the staff as she demanded to return an item she didn’t have with her, just a photo of the item on her phone. 

‘The staff were professional and respectful. But they couldn’t return an item she didn’t actually have with her.’ 

So, Heather decided to film the woman. 

Footage from Heather Sprough's phone
(Credit: Facebook)

‘I stood at a distance, pulled out my phone and wordlessly began filming. She immediately turned her attention away from the staff to me. When bullies are faced with accountability, they must acknowledge the unacceptability of their actions.’ 

The woman went to storm out of the store, but beforehand, walked right up to Heather and coughed in her face. 

The post has been shared over a whopping 15,000 times and many expressed their outrage at what Heather experience. 

One person wrote, ‘Oh my! I am so sorry that happened to you! Prayers and hugs your way that you don’t get sick because of her! You are amazing!’ 

Another commented, ‘Thats crazy!!! I’m so sorry that this belligerent person decided to do an unforgivable act! Shame shame shame on her!’ 

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