Man faked his own death to propose to his girlfriend

Would you say yes?!
A relieved Irena Kolokov after she said 'yes' Alexey Bykov. CREDIT: CEN.

Before Alexey Bykov proposed to his girlfriend Irena Kolokov, he wanted to make sure she realised how devastated she would be without him in her life.

Alexey hatched a plan and enlisted the help of a scriptwriter, movie director, stuntmen and makeup artist to help him concoct an elaborately gruesome wedding proposal he hoped would secure a future with his one true love.

The hopeful would-be groom arranged to meet Irena at a particular location but when she arrived she was confronted with what looked like a tragic car accident.

‘There were mangled cars everywhere, ambulances and carnage,’ Irena remembers.

Then, Irena spotted Alexey lying on the ground covered in blood.

‘A paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears,’ Irena says.

But her grief soon turned to shock when Alexey rose from the dead covered in fake blood and torn clothes, and asked Irena to marry him.

‘I was so cross I almost killed him again, but for real this time,’ Irena laughs.

Luckily Irena appreciates Alexey’s sense of humour and she quickly said yes.

Alexey says he thinks he was successful in making Irena realise how much she loves him but adds that he wouldn’t put her through such stress again.

‘I promise it’s the last time,’ he says.

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