Why our eyes aren’t as strong as they could be

And what you can do to help.

The common complaints I’ve come across are:

We all get that feeling, we wake up in the morning, we haven’t had anywhere near enough sleep as we had desired, and we’re feeling tired and drained. We pick up our phone, and we wonder, “why is everything blurry? Yesterday it was all clear!”

Then, after a coffee, a good breakfast, our eyes are OK again. The eyes are dynamic, and are changing all the time. A mild long-sightedness, when we’re full of energy, is often hidden, and we can manage to read things at near, but when the system breaks down, we’re tired, drained, been working hard, or been stressing the system by spending too many hours staring at screens at close distances (50cm and less), our long-sightedness, or slight prescription can no longer cope with the stresses.

Solution: You may need reading glasses – not for full time, and not for every time you need to look at something near – but for the days where your eyes are being stressed and strained and you just can’t afford to give them time to rest!

You have an important deadline to meet and your glasses can help you do your near work (reading, computer, ipad, iphone) so you can get on with your day! Remember, getting glasses will not make your eyes lazy or worse, that’s a complete and utter myth! They will simply help you do the tasks you need to do, by taking the pressure off your poor overworked eyes!


We’ve all heard the term – “I’m getting older”, and “my arm’s just not long enough anymore”. When we hit 40, our ability to read things close by deteriorates. Things within 50cm and inwards become blurry. What we used to find easy reading, like the writing on a medicine bottle, the newspaper, the writing on food products, on clothes labels, everything, becomes much harder.

Solution A: You may need reading glasses. These will clear your vision.

Solution B: You can get multifocals – these are like reading glasses, but instead of being clear only for things 50cm and closer, are clear for all distances – you can see people at the other side of your office, you can drive in them also.

Solution C: You can get office lenses – these are tailored for people who spend hours at the desk or office environment – it provides much wider vision corridors particularly for the computer.

vision dream

Every year, our eyes can change significantly. We can be a -3.00 and read the smallest letters on the eye testing chart,  and 1 year later – find that same prescription blurry! The eyes are dynamic, and yes, the more close up work we do (screens, iphones, etc) the more difficult it is to focus on things in the distance.

Solution: An anti-fatigue or Access lens can reduce the amount of change in the eyes, as it provides magnification for when we are staring at close distance. Also, regular eye testing is essential to see if you need an update- the right prescription and clearest vision is so important for good eye development!

Jessica Chester
Jessica Chester

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