What kind of EATER are you?

The CSIRO has identified the five dominant diet types. Which one are you?

The Thinker

If you’re a bit of a perfectionist and analytical, you’re in good company. A whopping 41 per cent of Aussies fall into this category, which can see you setting goals that are difficult to achieve. Stress and failure can lead to low self-esteem and comfort eating.

The Craver

A quarter of Aussies fall into this category. This means that you can want a particular food even if you’re not hungry. You may struggle with your weight, and find it difficult to stop eating once you start. Restrictive diets are your downfall.

The Foodie

Five per cent of us tend to have a preoccupation with food magazines, recipe books, cooking shows and events. Foodies love shopping for and preparing meals just as much as they love eating them. A boring, repetitive diet won’t work for you.

The Socialiser

Reluctant to be tied down to strict dietary rules, this 15 per cent of Aussies want to be able to enjoy whatever comes along with their lifestyle. Whether it’s dinner with friends, or a family barbecue, they don’t want a diet to cramp their style.

The Freewheeler

Forget weekly meal plans, this type forgo a shopping list in favour of impulse purchases. Freewheelers usually don’t have a stocked pantry or prepared meals in the fridge. Sticking to a structured eating plan can be a challenge.

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