Facebook stalker warning: Does this feature allow you to see who is spying on you?

The truth behind the viral rumours.
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Rumours are rife that Facebook has a hidden section where you can view all the people who are secretly stalking you or admiring you from afar.

Viral posts which spread quickly across the social networking site have claimed that a simple trick would let you find out the names if strangers who were ‘following’ you and watching your profile without your knowledge, reports The Sun.

But, it has since been disproven.

A post sharing instructions on how to find this list of stalkers has gone viral and has freaked several Facebook users out.

The post writes, ‘If you go into your account settings then to blocking (on left side of screen), then in the blocked users search bar type in ‘following me’ without the quotes, you might be startled by who is following you.’

facebook safety settings
(Credit: Facebook)

However, this is apparently not what it seems.

Yes, if you click on your settings, go to blocking and then search the term ‘following me’ in the block users search bar, then a lot of names will show up.

But they aren’t actually following you.

The reason they are popping up is that they have the words ‘following’ and ‘me’ in their profile.

So, don’t worry! There isn’t a bunch of random strangers following you. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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