Married At First Sight’s Tracey Jewel addresses ‘cancer lie’

The reality star has released a very lengthy statement.

As things seemingly go from bad to worse for Married At First Sight star Tracey Jewel, the former reality star has released a lengthy statement addressing a slew of allegations against her, including reports she claimed to have cervical cancer. 

The statement claims she has been ‘trialled by social media’ and wants to clear up the accusations.

Tracey firstly addresses the competition she ran via her website, where the winning prize was an all expenses paid trip to Malaysia. 

She stated, ‘The terms and conditions for this have always been on the website.

‘There was numerous ways to enter this competition either in person at a book launch, event, expo or online via social media or my website. The 3 minor prize winners were able to be contacted and mailed their prizes.

‘The main prize winner advised in writing she was unable to take the major prize so it was redrawn. We are still waiting to hear back from the redrawn winner and we will be giving her 7 days to respond before redrawing.’ 

The This Goddess Means Business author also implied she suffered from cervical cancer. 

Earlier this year, Daily Mail reported that in a since-deleted Instagram, Tracey wrote: ‘Hair never grows back after cervical cancer the same way, thank you for always being so amazing and making my hair look fabulous!’ 

Now, the star has addressed the post for the first time, stating it was ‘taken out of context.’

‘A written off the cuff sentence of a post me saying my hair never grew back properly and I love my hair extensions was a short context of what I clarified later via many media statements was that I was diagnosed with CIN3 abnormal cells that I have two operations to remove after giving birth 6 weeks earlier,’ she said.

According to, CIN3 are severely abnormal cells found on the surface of the cervix which can turn cancerous if not teated.

‘Due to the medications, antibiotics and giving up breastfeeding my hair and skin changed with these combining factors and was a very traumatic time. I have apologised several times if anyone took this one insta comment in the wrong way it was not my intention to mislead anyone.’ 

The MAFS star finished her statement stating she would be taking one month offline for ‘self care’ due to the ‘negative toll’ the situation has had on her health.

Tracey’s full statement can be read here.

The statement follows the Daily Mail‘s report that Tracey was left ‘stranded’ in Berlin by boyfriend Patrick Kedemos, after he ended their relationship during a European holiday. 

The publication revealed that German police were called by the former reality star following the break-up. 

Jewel, 35, was forced to turn to the Australian embassy after she was ‘unable to pay for her own flight home,’ the Daily Mail reports. 

A source close to the This Goddess Means Business author confirmed her relationship with Patrick had ended, claiming: ‘The cruise was too much too fast for both of them.’ 

‘Things reached breaking point on Saturday night when they had an almighty row -with Tracey moving into a separate hotel room to calm down.’ 

‘Patrick officially ended things and Tracey was then left to arrange her own return travel back home to Australia alone after they split.’

‘But she hadn’t taken any money with her on the trip and was left stranded. The last friends heard she’d filed a complaint with the police was waiting for the Australian embassy to open on Monday so she could figure out what to do.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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