Terrifying video shows why you never travel with your feet on the dash

It's comfy and looks cool - but kicking up your feet on the dashboard is disastrous.

A video shared on Facebook has revealed the shocking consequences of riding with your feet on the dashboard of a car if your car is involved in a crash.

It all comes down to the airbag deploying, according to this video from the Hampshire Extrication and Trauma Team, who shared the video showing an airbag going off on a dummy whose legs were propped on the dashboard of a cut out car.

The video shows several rescue workers in the background, and a sliced car with a dummy propped in the passenger seat. Suddenly the airbag goes off, and flips the passenger all the way over the back of the chair. 

(Credit: Facebook/Hampshire Extrication & Trauma Team)

It doesn’t take much imagination to understand how dangerous this would be in an actual accident for a person leaning back with their feed resting on the airbag.  

While the exercise wasn’t meant to demonstrate the dangers of putting your feet on the dash, but rather what to do if a car’s airbag is get to go off, it will certainly make us tuck our feet away safe and sound next time we hit the road!

This article first published on New Idea.

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