A new twist in the Coles collectables saga

Desperate mums up the ante.

The craze for Coles miniature products continues, with desperate mums now lining up to beg other shoppers for their Little Shop Collectables.

Mother of three, Megan Haviland, was shopping at Coles in Broadway and got chatting with the cashier about the Collectables.

The cashier gestured at a group of mums sitting close to the checkouts and confided that they were waiting for shoppers who didn’t have kids with them, then approaching them to ask for their Collectables.

“They’ve been there for quite some time,” she said.

How successful this tactic is is unknown, however not all shoppers were impressed about being hassled.

As Megan was gathering up her shopping, she watched as one of the women approached an older man who was paying for his groceries.

“She walked up and from her hand gestures I could see she was asking if she could have the Collectables he was due, and he turned to her and said ‘Your children don’t need any more plastic rubbish!’”

Shoppers are given one collectable for every $30 they spend in the store but they can be found on eBay priced up to $1000 for the entire set in the special display case.

Coles have also been hosting swap days at their stores, when shoppers can swap minis with other customers.

The Little Shop campaign will end on August 28 or while stocks last.

This article originally appeared on Practical Parenting.

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