My Kitchen Rules contestants kicked off for ‘inappropriate conduct’

This has never happened before!
Channel 7

It’s the Channel 7 cooking show that has taken the nation by storm for seven years, but in a My Kitchen Rules first a competing team have been kicked off mid-season for ‘inappropriate conduct.’ 

Talking to the Daily Telegraph, an insider claims that two competing teams had an argument inside a Launceston hotel because one team believed they had heard the other team making inappropriate comments about them.

According to the source the argument ignited after comments were overheard as one team walked past the other’s hotel room, and the incident was witnessed by hotel staff.

It has been further reported that a number of on-air disputes had already occurred between the two teams, before the final incident ensued. 

The insider told the Telegraph, ‘Meetings were held almost immediately in Tasmania and again once the cast and crew returned to Sydney.’ 

Reportedly the actions of one team member had ‘crossed the line.’ 

‘That behaviour was well beyond the limits of what is deemed acceptable,’ the insider claimed. 

Ultimately, the decision was made to remove one of the teams from the competition. However, it has been confirmed that their on-air debut will still go ahead when the season premieres on January 29. 

Susan Wood, head of publicity at Channel Seven, said: ‘Someone crossed the line that shouldn’t be crossed.’ 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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