Aussie mum shares unusual $8 Kmart Lego hack

But it's so clever!
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A fed up Aussie mum who was sick of having to pick up her son’s Lego off the floor has shared a very unusual but clever way to help out other mums.

Ange Dobbin took to Kmart Mums Australia’s Facebook page, claiming it has turned her life around forever. 

She shared: ‘Went and bought a pooper scooper today and it’s the best $8 I have spent for picking up my son’s Lego’.

A pooper scooper has solved one Mum’s Lego misery (Credit: Getty Images)

The post was met with much praise with the post garnering over 1,000 likes!

One other mother commented: ‘I use mine for NERF bullets too.’

Another mum even labelled it, the ‘BEST KMART HACK EVER!’.

lego hack
(Credit: Getty Images)

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