Woman cuts off man’s penis in self defense

Her parents trusted him completely, but he'd been a menace for years.

A 23-year-old woman reportedly cut off the penis of a man who was attempting to rape her at her family home in the Indian state of Kerala.

The man, a 54-year-old who claimed to be a religious guru, was apparently trusted by the woman’s parents who allowed him into their home to stay the night on several occasions.

AFP report that it is during these visits he allegedly sexually abused the woman over several years without her parent’s knowledge.

This one time, however, he didn’t get away with it.

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‘She used a knife in her defence and cut off his penis,’ police chief G Sparjan Kumar told AFP.

‘The woman told us that her parents blindly trusted this Swami, and he used to get frequent invites to perform special ceremonies and stay over at their house, where he assaulted her.’

The man was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery, while the alleged victim was placed under police protection and is receiving trauma counseling.

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