WATCH: Woman collapsing during half-marathon is carried by fellow runners to the finish line

Footage of the special moment was captured on camera
Fox 29 News

This is the selfless moment three men carried a dazed woman to the finish line of a half-marathon.

The heartwarming footage captured by Fox 29 News shows two men going to the lady’s aid as her legs began to buckle beneath her just seconds from the end of the race.

Holding her up by her arms, they help her to keep moving. But moments later the video shows her collapsing and sinking to the floor.

That’s when another man taking part in the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon scoops her up into his arms and CARRIES her while jogging.

Placing the woman down a couple of steps before the finish line so she could finish the monster race herself, she was supported by two of the men and cheered on by the other.

Afterwards, Joseph McGinty and Bryan Crnkovic – wearing green in the video – told Good Day Philadelphia it happened about 100 yards from the finish line.

They said slowing down to help her wasn’t much of a sacrifice for them because they weren’t trying to beat any records and that the running community looks out for each other.

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