Tradie’s search for good Samaritan who handed in his lost $2000

“I squealed like a schoolgirl when the bank told me it had been found”
Zim Withers

Aussie tradesman Zim Wither was horrified when he realised his mistake.


He had stopped to deposit $2000 he’d earned doing odd jobs for the last month. But he had also put himself under some pressure.


‘I was feeling impatient and pretty frustrated and I double-parked in a bus stop in a hurry,’ Zim told WA Today.


Using an ATM to hastily deposit the cash on December 23, Zim rushed off. But something wasn’t right.


‘I woke up at 3am with a really sick feeling in my stomach, and I checked my bank balance.


‘I realised what I’d done, I was so disappointed in myself… I couldn’t go back to sleep then.’



With the banks not open until January, Zim was in for an anxious wait with only $30 in his account to get him through the Christmas period.


Finally able to reach the bank int he New Year he was told someone had handed in the missing $2000.


‘I squealed like a schoolgirl,’ he says.


He’s now desperate to find the Good Samaritan and thank them.


‘I can’t afford to do too much for them, but I’d love to give them a small token of appreciation.


‘This means so much to me.’

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