This 6-year-old dancing in celebration after finishing chemo will have you grinning ear to ear

What amazing spirit!

For the last four years, Jimmy Spagnolo has been undergoing chemotherapy to treat his brain tumour.

The long and exhausting treatment had dominated his young life. So when he got told he is done with chemotherapy he was so happy.

His mum, Lacie, shared this video which captures her boy’s ecstatic joy at the news as he ran around the hospital, laughing, screaming, dancing, and ringing a big bell.


The bell is a hospital tradition – when children finish their treatment they can ring it in celebration of the end of their hospital stay.

Lacie isn’t surprised at the dancing, telling ABC News ‘music is in his soul!’

Follow-up scans every three months will tell if Jimmy will need any more treatments, but for now the family is happy and hopeful.

‘No matter what, we handle it as gracefully as possible because we have the gift of Jimmy every day and that is a blessing in itself,’ Lacie says.

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