Man celebrates $170,000 scratch win before friends reveal it’s a prank

He was over the moon about his fortune

A man was over the moon when a scratchie gifted to him by friends showed he had won £100,000.

Gary Boones from Nottinghamshire in the UK was delighted with his win (equivalent to around $170,000 AUD), planning to spend his jackpot on paying off his mortgage.

But after sharing the news with his colleagues, the group burst into a fit of laughter, declaring the scratchie was a fake while capturing the whole event on camera.

The video has since been shared by Will Towse, who said he did feel bad about the set up, but added that Gary took it well.

‘We bought him a pint, so he’s forgiven us now. And he won £30 on a racing bet, though that’s not quite the same.’

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