Photo of ‘ghost child’ on lawn has family seeking an explanation

Sure looks creepy!

A pair of photos posted to the internet has sparked widespread speculation after they appear to capture a truly spooky moment.

In the first picture there is a lawn, some power-lines, and a very bright moon.

The second photo, apparently taken moments after the first, shows a small figure running from the left to the right that appeared seemingly out of nowhere!

ghost child running on lawn

A member of the family who took the photos posted them online asking for help explaining this bizarre image.

‘What interested me is neither of these family members have heard of photo shop; much less used it. This was taken in the front yard of a house they had recently purchased and hadn’t even completely moved into,’ they write in the caption of the photo on Imgur.

They also point out the appearance of a shadow – which they say rules out a smudge on the lens because ‘smudges don’t produce shadows’.

It’s certainly an eerie set of pictures!

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