Mum smashes through glass to rescue girls from roaring fire that engulfed their family home and killed their two dogs

It’s being treated as suspicious.
7 News

Horror erupted in this quiet Port Pirie street when a fire broke out at the home of this mum-of-two.

Neighbours recall hearing screams as the blaze took over the house, with a 9-year-old daughter and 14-month old baby girl trapped inside.

‘I saw one flame… like a wall of red flame going across the front of the house,’ one neighbour, Rosemary Fridd, told 7 News.

The girls’ mother is said to have smashed through the glass sliding door of the house and pulled her girls to safety.

Rosemary says the 9-year-old was badly hurt, so she cut her shirt off and ran her into her own house where she ran cold water over her burns.

rosemary fridd
Rosemary Fridd holding the charred shirt she cut off the badly burned 9-year-old. (Credit: 7 News)

She was later airlifted to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The baby, and the girls’ mother Teresa, are being treated for minor burns.

Tragically two family dogs died.

Police are treating the fire as suspicious and investigations are ongoing into what caused the blaze.

The incident is being investigated. (Credit: 7 News)

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