Mum discovers daughter’s ashes actually from a dog

A mix-up at the funeral home made this mum's heartbreak a million times worse
Pittsburgh Action News

A Pittsburgh mother has shared her devastation after discovering that the ashes she was given, supposedly of her newborn daughter, were actually from a cremated pet dog. 

In 2015 Jennifer Dailey’s daughter, Jerrica Skye, was tragically stillborn. After her cremation, Jennifer took her baby girl’s ashes home and cherished the white cardboard box she had been given. 

Two years later she was inspired by her husband to do something with Jerrica’s ashes, and maybe now she was ready after processing her grief.

I finally worked up the nerve to look into her urn and look at her ashes and there was a metal plate in there and I read it and it said Butler Pet Cremation and when I seen that I knew something was wrong,’ she told Pittsburgh Action News.

Mum finds baby's ashes are actually from a dog
(Credit: Pittsburgh Action News)

When Bauer Funeral homes were contacted by the distraught mother they were horrified, but were able to track down the correct box and return Jerrica to her mother. 

‘I wanted the public to know how deeply saddened I am that this happened and that I’m so sorry for the family and that it was a mistake, it was human error and that I’m so thankful we were able to rectify it extremely quickly,’ Jennifer Bauer Eroh, spokesperson for Bauer Funeral Home, told Pittsburgh Action News.

The correction is of little comfort to the grieving mum, however, who has been left traumatised by the mix-up.

‘As many times as I sat and cried and held that urn and cried myself to sleep, grieving for my daughter and it was somebody’s dog.

‘It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.’

This article first published on New Idea.

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