Missing boy, 11, leaves heartbreaking note about why he ran away

He was worried about disappointing his parents
The Age

An 11-year-old runaway who left a heartbreaking note for his parents, worried that he’d disappointed them, has been found safe.

In the five-page letter, Andrew Ong confessed that he’d got into trouble at school and would bring shame on the family.

Thankfully he was found by police nearly 12 hours later at Melbourne Central train station.

CCTV footage of Andrew at Willison train station (Credit: Victoria Police)

Andrew disappeared from his Camberwell home about 8.35am on Monday morning, The Age reported.

Beside themselves, his parents, Cindy and David Ong, revealed he’d left with just his backpack and myki card. During a press conference where they desperately pleaded for him to come home, Mrs Ong said he’d got into minor trouble.

Cindy and David Ong speaking to the media (Credit: Supplied)

‘He’s very upset with himself, and that’s why he’s taken off. We just want him to know it’s OK, he’s not in any trouble, just to come home,’ Mrs Ong said. ‘He left a note lying on the table about why he’s doing it, about how he feels sad about what has happened at school. He just wanted to have some time to think. And he’ll come back Friday. I think he was just feeling a bit daunted about coming back to school, and that’s why he’s taken off.’

Mrs Ong said the school dispute was over canteen duty.

‘Kids were being silly. They were giving treats to their friends. And the principal made them write a letter. So I think he feels really bad about what he’s done. He probably feels that we’re disappointed in him.’

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