Man’s tinder date goes horribly wrong

He ended up having to call the cops!

While first dates can often go awry, one man had a recent date go horribly wrong and ended up having to call the police.

The US bachelor, who wished not to be named, had a woman named Jennifer come over to his place after matching on the popular dating app, Tinder.

But when he suggested she leave because he had work the next morning, she avoided doing so.

He took to Reddit to vent his frustration.

‘She asked me if she could stay for dinner and I said ok, then she passed out and when I tried to wake her up to ask her to leave, she said, ‘No.. I’m too tired.’ I’m a pretty nice guy and I hate confrontation,’ he posted on Reddit.

Things got worse when he woke up and she refused to leave his house.

‘Help, hooked up with this chick from Tinder and she hasn’t left my house in two days,’ he wrote, asking for guidance.

Tinder date, Jennifer (Credit: Reddit)

After some deliberation with Reddit users, he eventually decided to call police.

Although it sounded lighthearted at first, things took a dramatic turn when the police arrived and discovered the tags on the woman’s car had expired two months earlier.

According to LadBible, they then discovered that she had taken his watch, some of his mail and various other items from the house.

She was arrested and the man finally got himself to work!

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