Cheating husband SUES taxi company after their app tipped wife off about affair

Says it has caused 'big problems'

A businessman is suing the company, Uber, after the app sent his wife notifications which alerted her to his trips to see his mistress.

The man had been using the Uber app which enables a passenger to book a car completely via their phone.

Apparently he had used the Uber app on his wife’s phone once, and despite logging out of his account on her phone she continued to receive notifications about his usage of the Uber service.

She realised, from the trips he took, that he was cheating on her.

He then decided to sue Uber, his lawyer saying that the bug in the app caused ‘problems in his private life’.

Some people have said they have also encountered this bug, which BBC reports only affected iPhones and was fixed in an update in December.

Android phones did not seem to have the problem.

Uber said they will not comment on the case.

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