Man sobs uncontrollably as he reports wife’s suicide to police, before HE is charged with her murder

Gavin De Beyer has plead not guilty to killing Sharon Michelutti
7 News

A Sydney court was shown CCTV footage of the emotional moment a man reported his wife’s death, claiming she had killed herself.

Gavin John De Beyer could be seen weeping uncontrollably before collapsing to the floor after allegedly telling police ‘I want my baby back, she’s dead, she killed herself.’

But prosecutors at the NSW Supreme Court claim his actions were all an act.

De Beyer is now facing court charged with murdering his wife, Sharon Louise Michelutti, in February 2016, following their marriage breakdown.

Sharon Michelutti (Credit: 7 News )

When police attended the couple’s home in Riverwood after De Beyer allegedly told police she had committed suicide, they found his wife of 15 years in bed with a single stab wound to her stomach.

‘She was holding a knife and she jumped on it,’ De Beyer said.

Multiple police officers have no given evidence in the trial, with one testifying that he had previously attended the couple’s house in relation to domestic incidents between them.

The trial continues.

De Beyer reporting his wife’s death to police (Credit: 7 News)

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