Little girl fighting for life after cushioning her toddler brother’s 10-metre tumble out unit window

Horrifying accident.
7 News

A five-year-old and her three-year-old brother are in hospital after falling from a third-storey window in Sydney’s west.

The children were apparently bouncing on a bunk bed near the window when they fell through the fly screen and toppled 10 metres to the footpath below.

The girl is understood to be in a critical condition, her brother is stable.

KidSafe NSW officer Christine Erskine told the Daily Telegraph that parents must be wary of placing furniture near windows because ‘beds become trampolines, cupboards become vantage points’.

New strata laws are being rolled out across the state of NSW requiring windows to be fitted with locks and restrictors which prevent the windows opening wide enough for anyone to fall out.

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