My dad had a secret family down the ROAD

His secret was exposed via Facebook!

Beth Kavanagh was shocked to find out her dad had a secret life.

While her mum Moira raised Beth and her sister Lauren, Kevin spent half the week travelling for work. ‘There was always talk of meetings up and down the country,’ Beth explained to the Daily Mail.

Knowing Kevin was estranged from three sons and an ex-wife, Beth began searching for them on Facebook when she was 21. Messaging people with her surname, she got a reply. Your dad is married to my mum, her half-brother wrote.

Through a flurry of correspondence, their dad’s double life was revealed. Kevin was still with his first wife. For 28 years he’d lived with her – just 32 kilometres up the road – when he wasn’t with Moira. He’d used work to explain his absence to them, too.

Moira, Beth and Kevin in happier times

Beth called her mother and when Moira confronted Kevin, he offered nothing more than a text message. I’m sorry. I will have the consequences of losing everything and everyone but it’s what I deserve, he wrote.

Although heartbroken, Beth says her mum has moved on. ‘Mum’s not going to waste a second more on a man who didn’t deserve her in the first place.’

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