Dad faces losing BOTH testicles after botched vasectomy

He hasn't been able to have sex for four years

A dad-of-five has spoken out after a simple vasectomy has left him unable to have sex without being in excruciating pain.

Daniel Neal, 30, from the UK, told The Sun that the usually simple operation has made his life a misery.

The landscape gardener said his injuries have left him in ‘constant and unbearable agony’ and the op has ‘destroyed his life’.

In January 2012, Mr Neal, visited a medical practice in Nottingham, UK, to have a vasectomy but claims 12 anaesthetic injections failed to work so he ‘could feel everything’.

In the four years since, he says he’s suffered from sharp shooting pains from his groin and into his stomach.

In that time he’s only been able to get intimate once with his wife Sara, 30, and that was so painful he ended up in hospital.

Doctors have told him that he’s suffering from something called post-vasectomy pain syndrome.

Post-vasectomy pain syndrome is a chronic and sometimes debilitating genital pain condition that may develop immediately or several years after a vasectomy.

Experts believe it’s triggered by various different scenarios, one of which is a build up of scar tissue in the area.

Mr Neal is on a waiting list to have an operation where his scrotum will be pumped full of an anti-inflammatory drugs. If that doesn’t work the family man will have both of his testicles removed.

Mr Neal said: ‘They can take my testicles for all I care. I just want the pain to be over.’

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