Australia’s most criminal names revealed

Is your name on the list?

A list of the most criminal names in Australia has recently sent people’s tongues wagging.

The list was created after law firm, Go To Court, collated the names from more than 25,000 crimes on the Australian CrimeNet database.

The names were then cross referenced with the most popular names used in Australia over the last 90 years.

Rounding out the top criminal male names is Leon, while Robin sits atop the female list.

Could your name be on there? Scroll down to find out!

Most criminal male names

1. Leon

2. Ivan

3. Ali

4. Gerald

5. Roy

6. Terrance

7. Albert

8. Danny

9. Frank

10. Frederik

Most criminal female names

1. Robin

2. Kym

3. Nicole

4. Lee

5. Shannon

6. Raelene

7. Kerri

8. Tiffany

9. Sonya

10. Jean

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