Is this butcher shop name funny or appalling? 

When the Queensland man opened up shop he copped some flack.

A man who opened his butcher shop, The Squealing Pig, in the Queensland town of Burpengary last week has complained that his business Facebook page has been bombarded by vegans offended by the business name.

Gary Thompson says after opening his business page was ‘bombarded with one star reviews’ from a Facebook group called ‘Unapologetic Vegans Australia.’


‘I don’t have anything against vegans, I respect their right to have an opinion, but they are putting people’s jobs and livelihoods at risk by trying to discredit our business,’ Thomspon told the Courier Mail. 

Other reviewers leapt to the business’s defense:

While only 80-odd one star reviews have been left, more than 2, 000 five star reviews have appeared on The Squealing Pig’s page, most commenting on the vegan group’s reviews.

In the end this one comment his the nail on the head:

No such thing as bad publicity! Can’t wait to get your pork on my fork!’

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