Baby born with water instead of blood astonishes doctors

With less than 2 tbs of blood in her whole body this baby had to fight to survive.

She’s now a normal cheeky toddler, but when she was born Frankie Morrison was unlike any baby doctors had seen. Incredibly, Frankie was born with only 2 tablespoons of blood. A year on, her parents have opened up about their baby’s miraculous survival against the odds.

When mum Maria Sanders went in for a check up – doctors were soon worried. Despite Maria’s pregnancy going well, they were shocked to discover that Frankie hadn’t moved for several days.

Maria was prepped for an emergency caesarean, and doctors told Frankie’s parents that  their little girl may not survive.

‘When I came around from the operation I could see people standing around me crying,’ Ms Sanders said.

‘I thought I had lost her. They said she had been having breathing difficulties and told us in a roundabout way that I had to go to see her because it’s not looking good. They said they didn’t hold out much hope for her.’

‘I thought I had lost her.’

Frankie was flown to larger hospital for specialist care, however she baffled doctors when her health continued to improve and after only three weeks she was able to go home with her parents and sisters.

Maria says she’s not surprised her little girl made it – ‘I just took one look at her and knew she was a fighter and would pull through.’

Frankie with her parents and sisters
Frankie with her parents and sisters.

Despite knowing her girl was determined to survive, Maria can’t thank hospital staff enough.

‘They are amazing people, absolutely amazing. They are miracle workers in that ward.

‘They don’t get enough recognition for what they do. We feel so lucky because we saw so, so many sad things in those three weeks but to walk out with Frankie is the best feeling in the world, and it is down to them.’

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