Baby bat saved after mum killed by power lines

Little Pippin was saved by social media!
Instagram: Caroline Greco @nightingalequilts

When this tiny little bat was spotted stuck up on power lines, animal rescuers were caught in a race against time to bring him down safely.

Sadly, Little Pippin’s mum had been electrocuted and killed after touching the cables, but the baby flying fox was still nestled in her pouch.

With time running out, his would-be rescuers turned to social media for help.

Twitter user Maddy Jones tweeted a snap of the stranded bat to animal rescue organisation WIRES NSW and electricity company Endeavor Energy. Soon WIRES and its supporters joined in.

Thankfully Endeavor saw the tweets and a crew reached Pippin in the nick of time.

The grey-headed flying fox pup is now being looked after by carer Caroline Greco.

Pippin suffered burns to his throat from the electricity, but he is on the road to recovery thanks to some love and care from volunteer Caroline.

Follow his progress on Instagram and visit WIRES NSW to find out how to help.

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