Another Aussie mum has copped a shaming note about her daughter’s school lunch

‘You’re in trouble mum.’

An Adelaide mum has been left feeling thoroughly judged after her daughter’s teacher removed a piece of cake form her lunchbox and replaced it with a note telling her to feed her daughter healthier food.

‘WHOOPS!!’ the note begins,

‘Today your child was packed a ‘sometimes’ food in their lunch box that doesn’t align with our Healthy Eating Policy.

‘They were offered a healthy alternative instead (smiley face).

‘If you need suggestions for healthy food alternatives please feel free to speak to the Kindy Staff.’

(Credit: Jessica Gianoni)

Jessica Gianoni told the Adelaide Advertiser she felt the note was ‘very condescending’ and would have preferred that the teacher talk to her directly about any concerns she had with her daughter, Isabel, 4.

‘As a parent, I should be able to choose what my child should have,’ she said.

‘She had a container of fruit including a banana, a sandwich and rice crackers. It wasn’t like the cake was the only thing she had to eat.’

This comes only weeks after another Adelaide mum-of-eight received a judgmental note with a frowny face that told her she couldn’t give her daughter a home-made chocolate slice to take to school.

The school that issued the notorious ‘frowny face’ note has offered the mother an apology.

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