A pregnant woman brawls on a train with ‘friend’ in front of shocked commuters

A passenger filmed the 8-minute scene.

A shocking video has resurfaced showing a pregnant woman throwing punches at another woman, after a fight broke out regarding something posted on Facebook.

The brawl took place on Melbourne’s Hurtsbridge train line, and shows one woman accusing the other of speaking poorly of her in a post on Facebook.


The argument soon turns violent, and at one point the pregnant woman, wearing a grey jumper, is on the floor while the other woman aims a kick at her midsection.

At one point the pregnant woman lifts her shirt to reveal her belly, saying ‘if I lose this kid I swear to God it’s on.’

At one point the pregnant woman demands a phone from a passenger in order to call the police, but the commuter jumps off of the train.

By this stage most passengers have left the carriage and the pregnant woman yells that her attacker kicked the baby.

‘Junkies don’t deserve no babies,’ the woman in the black jacket replied.

The clip ends with both women getting off the train, their argument continues on the platform as staff intervene.

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