Woman jailed over ‘savage’ animal cruelty after stabbing cat 20 times because it was ‘cute’

After knifing the animal she threw it out of the window

A woman has been jailed for two years after she stabbed her cat 20 times before throwing it out of the window.

The judge blasted Celina Paige Shead’s actions as ‘savage in its cruelty’ before sentencing the 20-year-old to two years in jail.

The court heard Shead, from Sydney’s northern beaches, killed her 11-year-old pet before throwing the body from the second story of her family’s unit.

In court, police prosecutor Adrian Walsh: ‘This isn’t an incident of cruelty by way of neglect.

‘This was a small vulnerable animal subjected to deliberate cruelty.

‘It was an abhorrent act of cruelty.’

Mr Walsh said Shead had failed to show any remorse over the killing and initially denied owning the cat.

He told the court that after her arrest, Shead told a psychologist: ‘You know when something is so cute you want to squish the life out of it.’

In December, Shead pleaded guilty to torturing, beating and causing the death of an animal and committing an act of aggravated cruelty upon an animal.

The cat was discovered dead in the courtyard outside the flat by neighbours, alongside two boxes of kitty litter.

A second cat was retrieved from the unit and placed back in the care of the RSPCA.

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