Woman tragically dies during Australia Day lamington-eating competition


A woman has tragically died after choking to death during participating in a lamington eating contest.

The 60-year-old was taking part in the Australia Day contest at the Beach House Hotel in Scarness, Hervey Bay, when she reportedly suffered a seizure.

Yahoo News reported how The Queensland Ambulance Service revealed that the woman was rushed to Hervey Bay hospital as paramedics performed CPR on her for 30 minutes, but were unable to save her.

Someone who was at the pub took to social media, posting on their Facebook page, ‘Australia Day in Hervey Bay…sadly a lady died during the lamington eating competition.’

Beach House Hotel poster
(Credit: Beach House Hotel)

She added that the woman ‘shovelled the lamington into her mouth,’ which then caused her to go into arrest.

The competition involved participants eating as many lamingtons as possible over a short time frame.

A pie eating contest competition also took place at the venue.

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