Woman ‘conceived through rape’ wants her dad jailed

She describes herself as a 'walking crime scene'
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A woman who discovered she was conceived through rape after accessing her adoption files has described herself as a ‘walking crime scene.’

She now wants to use her DNA to prosecute her father.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous and is using the name ‘Vicky’ to speak out, was adopted at the age of seven months in the 1970s.

Once 18, she accessed her adoption files and discovered her birth mother gave birth to her after being raped by a 35-year-man when she was just 13.

‘I’d always thought that it was so wrong that my birth father was never prosecuted,” Vicky told the BBC. ‘It was then that I thought, I’ve got DNA evidence, because I am DNA evidence. I’m a walking crime scene.’

Vicky, who was born in Birmingham, UK, said the file details how her birth mum was raped by a family friend when she went over to babysit.

‘The fact that she was 13 means that it was statutory rape because he had sex with a minor,’ she said.

She wants to bring her father to justice through what is known as a ‘victimless prosecution’ where no evidence is submitted by the victim. In this case the victim is Vicky’s birth mum but she doesn’t want to take part in any legal action.

Police say no rape complaint was made in the 1970s and Vicky herself can’t be recognised as a victim.

‘The law does not recognise this person as a victim in these circumstances: we liaised with the Crown Prosecution Service and were advised they would not support a prosecution,’ said Ch Supt Pete Henrick, head of West Midlands police’s public protection unit.

But Vicky says she feels she should be able to brig action against her birth father.

‘Because of that crime, I am alive. My whole life’s been dictated by it, but no one will see me as a victim. I am living, breathing proof of a child rapist and nobody is interested. How is that OK?’

Vicky found her birth father’s name on her adoption files and confronted him about the allegations and he neither confirmed nor denied the rape claim.

‘This has nearly beaten me down. Being adopted comes with so many difficulties, and the trauma of this has affected every part of my life,’ said Vicky.

‘But I will persevere because I know this is so wrong and I want justice.’

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