Woman is left BLIND due to smartphone addiction

She had stayed up all night playing on her phone

A woman was left blind in one eye after her blood vessels burst due to her phone addiction.

According to Asia Wire the unnamed patient took herself to hospital in Shenzhen, southern China, when she was unable to see from her left eye.

Her doctor, Qiu Wangjian, said that the woman’s sight was suffering due to spending all night on her smartphone.

Dr Qiu from Songgang People’s Hospital said, ‘The patient stayed up a night playing on her mobile phone.

‘The following morning, as soon as she woke up, she picked up her phone and started using it again.’

He continued to tell Asia Wire, ‘About five minutes later, the patient discovered that she was unable to see out her left eye. She couldn’t see anything.

After taking images of the woman’s eye, they were able to diagnose her with Valsalva retinopathy.

Dr Qiu explained how the images, ‘showed large patches of blood on her retina, blocking her vision.’

The condition occurs when superficial retinal vessels are ruptured, which is caused by physical exertion.

‘It was important that we treated her quickly in order for her not to suffer any long-term effect,’ Dr Qui said.

The woman received laser treatment and had a small hole created on her retina, which allowed the blood to be discharged.

She is now recovering and has regained her vision.

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