The surprising reason this café only sells ‘gender neutral’ gingerbread people

The decision has left people divided

A café in New Zealand has left people divided after they did away with traditional gingerbread men, instead choosing to name the treats ‘gingerbread gender neutral person’.

While it’s sparked serious debate online, owner of The Tannery, Andre Cettina has spoken out, explaining the reason behind the controversial decision.

Around a month ago while Cettina was serving customers, he was questioned about why the café felt the need to give the gingerbread men a gender label.

At first he thought they were joking, but once he realised they were serious he decided to rename the biscuits as a tongue-in-cheek response.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, Cettina said ‘the comment blew me away that someone had the time and energy to have a go at some gingerbread men in a jar at a café.

(Credit: Facebook)

But after the controversial switch, Cettina said the label had a positive impact on customers.

‘It ended up being a really good conversation starter. It’s a really important topic for a lot of people,’ he said.

‘Some customers will have a laugh and we’re glad they see the fun in the label change. But equally, if it can create a discussion that’s a positive step. We want everyone to feel welcome and included.’

The change has been met with praise online with some people claiming their children would love the treats.

But many have been left outraged with one person insisting ‘it’s a biscuit, not a living creature.’

‘Soon we won’t be able to use the term human, we will all just be hupeople,’ said another.

One Facebook user even went as far as to leave the café a negative review on their business page, writing ‘don’t buy into the PC crap. It is Gingerbread Men’.

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