How to get a good sleep on a flight

It's not always easy catching 40 winks 40,000ft up!

If you are facing jet lag, getting some sleep on the plane can be a good idea.

But with the engine noise, confined space and jolts of turbulence, it’s not always as easy feat.

However sleep experts have shared their expertise with Beauty Heaven to help us all get some kip in the air.

Psychologist Clinton Moore says ear plugs and an eye mask are a must to block out as much sound and light as possible.

He also recommends carrying a pillow and wearing looser clothing so you can get comfortable.

Experts suggest turning a U-shaped pillow around (Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile Carl Walsh from Bed Guru said the type of pillow and how it was used were important.

‘If you use a U-shaped pillow, you’ll often find your head will naturally bob up and down and this can wake you with a startle,’ he told Beauty Heaven

Carl recommended turning the pillow around so the chin rests on the pillow instead to ensure a smoother sleep.

And sleep coach Jane Wrigglesworth said diet played a key part in feeling rested.

Sticking to protein-rich choices onboard could help (Credit: Getty)

Jane advised avoiding coffee and tea before flights, and said flyers should try not to be tempted by the in-flight bar.

Meanwhile Oliva Arezzolo, also a sleep coach, told FEMAIL that she recommends eating lighter protein-rich meals such as salad with egg or fish, greens and nuts.

And foods rich in omega 3, such as fish, could be help calm anxious flyers, Olivia explained, adding chamomile tea was a good beverage choice as it was a natural sedative.


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